What is the most important feature of a park?
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Catalogue and celebrate community assets.
What's so great about Shafter? We want to make sure we understand the answer to this question so that none of our strengths are under-utilized.
Enhance the capacity of public & civic sectors.
Any work being done in the community can always benefit from better information! Our methodology is designed to arm local leaders with crucial data.
Identify and respond to community hardships and service gaps.
A crucial component of citizenship is taking an honest look at existing pain points among our neighbors and responding to them appropriately.
Coordinate and catalyze local talent and resources.
Sometimes an introduction is all it takes. If you have a special passion or talent that you'd like to contribute to the benefit of our town, please come meet with us!
Amplify and respond to marginalized voices.
The hardest voices to hear are sometimes the most informative. A special effort is required to make sure everyone gets a chance to speak.
Engage and strengthen local businesses.
Local businesses are an important part of a healthy community. We are excited to hear what ours in Shafter have to say!
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