The Shafter Listener
May 2021

The Shafter Listener returns! The Listen to Shafter team is thrilled to share just a bit about our current projects. As we relect on what we have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are more committed than ever to building all we do on the foundation of loving our neighbors. We hope you will join us!

As always, if you haven't yet, please take a few minutes to respond to our anonymous community surveys!

What We're Working On

  • The mural across from The Learning Center is finally complete. Join us for the ribbon cutting on Wednesday, June 2nd at 5:30 PM!

  • Residents gathered at the Shafter Library in April to show their love and support for this important local resource. Drawings, audio clips and "Wishes for the Library" were collected. Children and parents described the library as a safe place, where they can expand their horizons through books. Check out our video of the event to find out how you can show your support for the Shafter Library.
  • After our experience working with community members last fall to design a proposed park in their neighborhood, we’ve begun to learn and develop several new capacities for reaching out and listening to our community! We also collected some data to get us started down a process of collecting data to be shared with Shafter’s civic leadership.

What We're Inspired By

  • We are inspired by a recent park renovation in Kent, W.A., that aims to get kids and their parents active together. West Fenwick Park recently received extensive updates, including a very unique playground. The new play equipment will is based on the board game Chutes and Ladders and designed to allow children and adults to play the board game as they interact with elements in the playground.
  • We love seeing learning through play, physical fitness and family connection being valued in community development projects!

What We're Dreaming Of

  • An annual citywide volunteer day where community members come together for a day of projects focused on beautifying the city and caring for our neighbors. The day could end with a fun BBQ at a local park!
  • Community wide walking & biking events
  • Building home libraries by partnering with local preschools to provide a a collection of age-appropriate books to every child in Shafter.
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