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What is the purpose of this study?
There are many decisions being made every day within the halls of Shafter's government, civic clubs and among third party donors and contributors about how to allocate resources within the community. We are trying to build a data profile that will help everyone obtain a better understanding of the people who live and work in Shafter. This is all being undertaken in pursuit of more impactful and more equitable outcomes in Shafter's growth and development.
Who will be reading my answers?
Your answers will be reviewed by our designated research team. However, your answers will not be connected to any other information that could be used to identify you and they will not be read in succession with your other answers. All responses will be kept anonymous. Contact information that you choose to share with us will be used only by our computer system to invite you to participate in further studies that may be relevant to you.
What will be done with this information?
If we reach our goal of 250 responses, we will put together a report which will be available here on our website for anyone to download and review. We will also deliver a copy of the report to city council and staff, local civic clubs, and other concerned parties who are doing relevant work in Shafter.
Will my answers be published on your website?
In order to protect your privacy, your individual written answers will not be made publicly available. Instead, our research team will identify themes within your answers which will then be used in an aggregate analysis of the data to be made available for public use. If raw data is ever requested or delivered, it will only include these identified themes and not your written answers themselves.
Who is eligible to participate?
We invite anyone who lives or works in Shafter to participate in this study.
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